renewable hydrogen

Premium PSU joins the Metropolitan Agreement for the Development of Renewable Hydrogen Technologies 


Today’s society is facing an unprecedented environmental challenge. Now more than ever, participation between companies and public institutions to achieve sustainable goals is decisive. To bring about change, Premium PSU has joined the Metropolitan Agreement for the Development of Renewable Hydrogen Technologies and for participation in projects for a decarbonized Catalonia.

With this signature, we put our knowledge and technology at the service of the Hydrogen Valley of Catalonia project, an initiative that aims to turn Catalonia into a European benchmark in the generation, distribution, applications and reserve of renewable hydrogen. Likewise, this public-private collaboration agreement aims to support projects with similar objectives, especially in the Basque Country, Valencia and Aragon; develop advanced technologies for hydrogen management, promote technical and professional training for the energy transition of this element, among other objectives.

As part of this initiative, our team and our technical resources will help to the extent of our possibilities to expand the impact of renewable hydrogen in Catalonia. Because we feel that our duty is not only to design the most cutting-edge solutions in power electronics but also to stimulate decarbonization and encourage responsible energy generation.


Reconciling energy production with sustainability

Energy enables the development of different areas, from industry to mobility, to the service and leisure sector, among others. As experts in power conversion systems, at Premium PSU we are aware of the high level of energy consumption worldwide. For this reason, we are also concerned about the role of fossil fuels in the generation of this energy: one of the major contributors to the emission of polluting gases, which is pushing us towards a climate and environmental crisis.

We are committed to technological development and our goal is to find the power solutions of the future. At the same time, we believe that generating positive impacts on society and the environment is not only compatible with innovation, but also sets the direction for the future of energy. In this sense, renewable or “green” hydrogen is presented as one of the sustainable energy generation alternatives with the greatest potential.

Renewable hydrogen, the great energy hope


Green hydrogen is obtained by electrolysis from electricity produced by renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar. All this, with zero emissions and high versatility for different sectors since it allows the generation of direct current by means of the so-called hydrogen cell, which acts as a generator. Therefore, power solutions such as hydrogen fuel cell are key to promoting their use in practical applications. As specialists in energy conversion systems for different markets, at Premium PSU we are involved in renewable hydrogen projects, in a present and future commitment to this technology. 

Initiatives such as these, along with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, will lead us to be able to enjoy a world in which energy consumption does not involve sacrificing the welfare, safety and resources of future generations. By signing this agreement, Premium demonstrates its commitment to progress and social responsibility and contributes its extensive experience in the technological implementation of renewable hydrogen in sectors such as industry and transport.