Continously evolving in order to offer quality service.

Total customer satisfaction is our main goal and that is why we are always in continuous improvement processes.

We design

Custom Products - Power supplies equipment - We design and manufacture innovative, efficient, ruggerized and reliable solutions

We design, assemble and verify prototypes in our Research and Development Center, where the engineering team also works on the redesign and product modifications to adjust it to the exact needs of each project and achieve the best performance-quality-price ratio.

From the moment the idea is proposed until the solution materializes, we follow up quality procedures so the product fulfills its function during the foreseen life period. All prototypes are verified and put though numerous simulations and tests.

We test

Services - We test - Continously evolving in order to offer quality service.

We have the necessary means to ensure the quality of our products. We adapt to the needs of each customer and we are flexible in terms of the tests we carry out both internally, in the field, and through external laboratories.

Electrical and functional tests: we perform all types of tests using generators, electronic loads, oscilloscopes, multimeters, etc …

Climatic tests: through a climatic chamber (-70 to +150ºC) and tracking instruments and accelerated aging tests using a climatic chamber.

Electrical safety: insulation resistance tests and dielectric strength up to 15kV to ensure compliance with applicable safety directives.

EMC tests: electromagnetic compatibility tests, both in emission and immunity in our semi-anechoic chamber.

We also perform tests and provide reports from external laboratories if necessary.

We manufacture

Services - We are manufacturers - Continously evolving in order to offer quality service.

All our products are manufactured in Barcelona following the most demanding quality requirements. Our production area is within an antistatic circuit that includes not only the reception of raw material, packaging and shipping areas, but also the entire production, assembly and verification chain. We introduce automated processes to minimize human errors.

Our production department counts with automatic verification equipment in order to guarantee the correct functioning of the products before being stored and shipped. In addition, all our products spend several hours in a burn-in room under extreme temperature conditions.

Every unit is sent out with a copy of the report which includes the most representative results of the verification tests.

Clean Room

With the aim to meet the most demanding needs of our customers, we have recently added a clean room to our facilities.

Our clean room is ISO 14644 certified and complies with the highest security and quality guarantees, allowing us to optimize the cleaning process for products intended to be used in controlled environments. It includes three independent spaces with different cleaning degrees: ISO8, ISO7, and ISO6.

After-sales service

We are proud of our products. We have a Technical Assistance Service that not only gives support during the warranty period but also during the whole product life.

We hope this is not the case, but if you have to send a product to repair, modify or adjust, just check the conditions of the service before making the shipment.