Custom is our Standard

Take the next step in your project

In power electronics, product customization helps us go further. At Premium PSU we help you make your project possible. A vast catalogue of more than 900 industrialized custom products and more than 280 standard solutions allows us to have perfect control over development and innovation in custom-made projects.


Straight contact with our engineering department

Supply guarantee

Reduced manufacturing times

Product warranty

Reduced lead time for prototypes with proven technology

After sales Service

ISO9001 and ISO 14001 quality system

Custom Premium PSU Solutions

DC/DC converters
DC/AC Inverters
AC/DC power supplies

AC/DC Battery Bhargers
AC/DC Rectifier Systems
AC/AC Variable Frequency Drives


  • Innovation from design to industrialization
  • Mechanical and PCB design
  • Ripples and specific noises
  • High efficiencies
  • Design according to customer requirements in terms of regulations and market standards (EMC, MIL-STD, DEF-STAN, UL, CE, UKCA, CSA, CB, DNV …)
  • RAMS analysis & SIL certification
  • Testing for specific systems

Technical Capabilities

  • Power from 50W to 72kW (very high-power density, high frecuency)
  • Communication and alarm protocols based on each Project needs
  • Efficiencies up to 95%
  • Input voltages up to 460Vac (1-3ph) and 1500Vdc (4,5kV pk)
  • Output voltages up to 440Vac (1-3ph) and 750Vdc
  • Multiple and wide input and output voltages
  • Up to IP68  protection
  • Wide operating temperature (-40ºC to +85ºC)
  • 10kV isolation (surges of 20kV 1.2/50 us)

With a custom Premium PSU solution you will achieve:

A value-added solution

Response to market demands

Obsolescence Prevention

Extraordinary reliability in critical systems

Final controls and costs ensurance

Cost planning

Involved in your project from day one

  • 1. When your project gets to Premium PSU, we take care of it as if it were ours. We will start with a careful consulting process, where we will be able to define the needs and size of the project.

  • 3. Once we have defined the concept, we select the most appropriate RDI team to develop your custom solution. Did you know that at Premium PSU we have an experienced team of more than 50 engineers working in a transversally, from the development phases, through the testing, prototypes or software laboratory, among others?

  • 5. It is the moment to deliver the solution. Although each custom project has its peculiarities, the development period for a modification on a standard product takes about 4 weeks, while a custom design from scratch can range from 3 to 6 months.

  • 2. After this point, we will work on a budget to estimate costs and lead times. An excellent opportunity to evaluate the proposal and make a thoughtful decision.

  • 4. We deliver the prototypes for validation. A very significant moment at Premium PSU, as it allows us to verify that the conceptualization meets the expectations for which it is being designed. After validating the solution and, through internal and external testing, we reach the industrialization of the product.

  • 6. The follow-up of the projects allows us to ensure that the custom solution rigorously meets the objective for which it developed. This leads us to create new alliances to continue designing state-of-the-art customized energy conversion systems. Customization is our standard!

Why choosing Premium PSU?

We provide the complete solution: something that translates into peace of mind, confidence, comfort and guarantees success.

We have more than 40 years of experience

Our RDI department is equipped with the latest technology in terms of equipment and the best engineering team

Our average development times is 25% lower compared to other companies in our sector

We work focused on the customer´s needs regarding benefits and timing

We allocate the necessary resources and establish independent teams that supervise each custom design

Some of our custom-made power conversion solutions

3ph AC/DC power supply 15kW, 60kW peak power

40kW 3ph inverter, dual output

UL approved DC/DC converter, input range 440V to 860V, 195Vout 300W power and 800W pk power

Railway DC/DC converter, dual output

DC/DC converter, 110Vin/290Vout

Smart IOT battery charger, dual output, 200W and 400W pk power

2kW battery charger, >90% efficiency

3 independent DC/DC converters, +85ºC operating temperature, no derating at full power, universal railway input (14-154V)

Railway DC/DC Converter, multiple redundant output

3ph DC/AC inverter, 2kW, parallelizable up to 4 units