FlexStorm Series

3kW Parallelable single phase module

Allows up to six modules to be housed in a 19” subrack

This 3kW Parallelable High efficiency single phase rectifier is convinient for industrial applications. The FDS-3K family can be easily parallelized with up to 24 modules. Premium PSU’s New FlexStorm Series offers the flexibility, reliability and power density that industrial environments require. Based on a modular design, the solution easily adapts to each project’s needs by means of power and control. A scalable solution that goes from the power module, to the subrack including control and display and the whole solution as a cabinet.

Designed for industrial environment
High input-output isolation
Adjustable output voltage
PMBus communication protocol
Active current sharing
Input, Output & Alarm LEDs
Hot plug technology
Hot swap technology
Remote monitoring
Parallelable (with RMS-18K)
Efficiency up to 93%

Power generation
SUB Stations: high and medium voltage
Power utility
Control and signaling centers
Minning & Oil

Parallel operation makes it flexible to adapt the capacity to changing load requirements. A modular design that allows up to six modules to be housed in a 19” subrack.

The maximum number of rectifiers controlled by a control system is 24, achieving systems of up to 72kW, with redundant N+N configuration.

Due to its high efficiency, power consumption is very low. Over its product lifetime, the savings in terms of money and power are higher than older systems, making this a good replacement unit.

FDS-3K single phase module

The FDS-3K is a high efficiency 3kW rectifier with galvanic isolation between input and output. It can be easily parallelized with up to 24 modules, it requires 4 RMS-18K (19′ Subrack) and one control module to manage parallelization and communication.

The device is composed by two power stages, the first one is a Power Factor Correction (PFC) and the second a Phase Shifted Full Bridge (PSFB). The PSFB stage is a digitally controlled converter and allows configuration (via PMBus) of different parameters within the defined limits.

The rectifier has three LEDs for local status indication (Vin OK, Vout OK, ALARM). The product is protected against over temperature, overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuits. Temperature is controlled by a PWM-controlled fan, which extends component lifetime and it has an easy replaceable fan.

BAS-18K modular
BAS-18K hotplug
BAS-18K efficiency
BAS-18K Communications
3 years warranty

Technical Specifications


Input Parameter
AC input voltage (nominal) 230 Vac
AC input voltage (range)90...265 Vac
AC input frequency (range)45...65 Hz
Power factor >0.94 (>50% Load)
Efficiency>88 % (>25% Load) | >92% (>100% Load)


Default output voltage125Vdc
Output voltage adjustment86…157 Vdc
Maximum output current20 A
Current sharingParallel Active
Static voltage regulation< +/- 1% typical
Response time < 10 ms (∆ 20%-100%-20% Load)
Ripple (BW: 20mHz)< 90 mVpp
Noise (BW: 20MHz)< 200 mVpp


LEDsGreen: Vin-Vout OK Yellow: Warning Red: Alarm
Alarm & SignalingPMBus to Control System


Cooling Internal forced air controlled
Max. Relative humidity95% with no condensation
Operating temperature range-10ºC ... 60ºC
Storage temperature-40ºC ... 85ºC
Installation heightUp to 4000m
MTBF250.000 @ 25ºC according to EN29500 (except fan)

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