FlexStorm Series

3kW Parallelable single phase module

Allows up to six modules to be housed in a 19” subrack

This 3kW Parallelable High efficiency single phase rectifier is convinient for industrial applications. The FDS-3K family can be easily parallelized with up to 24 modules. Premium PSU’s New FlexStorm Series offers the flexibility, reliability and power density that industrial environments require. Based on a modular design, the solution easily adapts to each project’s needs by means of power and control. A scalable solution that goes from the power module, to the subrack including control and display and the whole solution as a cabinet.

Designed for industrial environment
High input-output isolation
Adjustable output voltage
PMBus communication protocol
Active current sharing
Input, Output & Alarm LEDs
Hot plug technology
Hot swap technology
Remote monitoring
Parallelable (with RMS-18K)
Efficiency up to 93%

Power generation
SUB Stations: high and medium voltage
Power utility
Control and signaling centers
Minning & Oil

Parallel operation makes it flexible to adapt the capacity to changing load requirements. A modular design that allows up to six modules to be housed in a 19” subrack.

The maximum number of rectifiers controlled by a control system is 24, achieving systems of up to 72kW, with redundant N+N configuration.

Due to its high efficiency, power consumption is very low. Over its product lifetime, the savings in terms of money and power are higher than older systems, making this a good replacement unit.