Premium PSU’s range of DC/AC inverters is an excellent example of variety and availability, prioritizing a compact design without sacrificing security and reliability. Our standard single-phase and three-phase inverters have a wide range of input-output combinations, going from 260VA to 24kVA, although at Premium we have reached a maximum of 40kVA in custom-made DC/AC inverters. In terms of efficiency, these solutions can reach up to 94%.

All our inverters comply with the rolling stock EN50155 regulation amongst others. We are proud to have the widest and more compact DC/AC inverters range for railway applications in the market.

However, our solutions also have a place in industrial automation systems and highly demanding environments for motor control. As part of our quality commitment and due to the versatility of our products, at Premium we always adapt our inverters to the necessary regulations for their proper and safe use in any field.

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