Efficiency and reliability in energy transformation centers

The proper performance of energy transformation centers is essential and to Premium PSU the key is to offer a reliable and efficient product. Over 40 years in the industry make us the perfect partner for projects in high & medium voltage plants and Smart Grids applications. We work with leading companies developing innovative products to minimize the loss of power in the electricity network.

Standard products and custom made designs

Some of the things that we consider when we propose a new solution are the size and weight of the unit, the possibility of remote control, environmental conditions under which it will work, accessibility, maintenance and, of course, reliability.

Our product range includes over 250 standard products and more than 900 custom made designs, including smart battery chargers, converters, inverters and power supplies. We design and manufacture in Barcelona, ​​which enables us to have control over the entire process from the development to the final packaging, which also allows us to reduce development costs, adapt to the size of each project and guarantee quality in all processes with the most advanced testing systems.

Our products offer

  • High efficiency
  • Combinations of inputs and outputs according to needs
  • Wide ranges of input voltage
  • High isolation input/output/ground (up to 20kV pk.)
  • Wide ranges of operating temperature (-50 to +85ºC)
  • Different cooling options: forced ventilation, conduction or natural convection
  • Diagnosis and remote control
  • Multiple formats: chassis mounting, 19 “rack, DIN rail, …
  • Up to IP-68 protection
  • Any type of connector combination
  • Pure sinusoidal output voltages in inverters
  • Compliance with regulations and standards according to the needs of each project

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