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ACB-3000: Providing AC Redundancy in DC/AC Inverters

redundancy in DC/AC Inverters

What is redundancy in electrical systems?

The concept of redundancy is simple: having a repeated system so, in case of a single failure, there is always an alternative. AC redundancy usually refers to all extra-high voltage lines available that can operate in case of mainline failures. However, we mean redundancy when we have more devices than the minimum required. When designing an electrical installation all critical services need to incorporate redundancy, which means to have (n+1) units, with “n” being the needed units’ number, to power the load. This way, the installation will be more secure and will also increase its availability.

What solutions does Premium PSU offer to provide AC redundancy?

To continue providing the most innovative and versatile solutions, Premium PSU launches the new ACB-3000. This complimentary solution for DC/AC inverters is an AC by-pass for dual input lines. With it, we can now provide redundancy to essential applications, such as rolling stock on-board servers, data transmission systems (DTS), passenger information systems (PIS), CCTV, peripherical sensors used to acquire data, redundant loads in remote distribution nodes for energy grids, or powering loads in datacenters or repeater stations to name a few.

rolling stsock on board redundancy ACB-3000

The redundancy static transfer switch ACB-3000 opens the door to the use of our single-phase DC/AC inverters in increasingly critical applications where a mains failure is not an option. It has been designed with solid-state technology, offering a switching period of less than 2 ms, and allows loads to be powered from various sources redundantly and reliably.  The ACB-3000 can be used in single-phase inverters series ODS-750, ODS-1500 and ODS-3000 (120Vac and 230Vac output), but also between any two AC mains lines. It complies with the highest standards for the railway sector such as EN50155, Fire & Smoke EN45545, and Shock & Vibrations EN61373.


At Premium PSU we make reliable solutions and with the ACB-3000, we aim to take further the already high performance of our solutions. We have unique know-how that transforms into the most efficient solutions.


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