DC/DC converter and battery starter

What are the key features and railway applications of the new CVS-280 DC/DC low battery voltage starter? This series is designed to operate directly from the 750V DC catenary line and can provide DC outputs from 24V to 110V at 280 Watts continuous power and 400 Watts peak power.

High Voltage DC/DC Converter & Battery Starter

This new solution from Premium PSU, the CVS-280 series offers a wide input voltage range from 400 to 1100Vdc and has been primarily planned to support battery starting applications in the railway sector.

It has been designed to operate directly from the main catenary line when batteries discharge and use it to start the train, avoiding all hazards related to starting a light rail or trams’ battery. It also minimizes maintenance costs and optimizes repairs.

High-voltage DC/DC Converter and Battery Starter


This DC/DC converter meets the requirements of EN50155 (electronic equipment for rolling stock applications), EN50163 (railway applications – Supply voltages of traction systems), EN50121-3-2 (railway applications – electromagnetic compatibility) and EN45535 (fire protection on railway vehicles).

In addition to the wide continuous input range, the CVS-280 includes an innovative active catenary filter that protects itself from surges up to 3kV. The devices are available with 24V, 36V, 72V or 110V outputs and can be connected directly to battery terminals for battery charging applications.



Key features of the CVS-280 series

The specific feature of the CVS-280 series is its use as a self-starting module for trams or trains for exhaustive discharged batteries so that the towing process can also be avoided.  The rugged design along with high-quality components guarantee high reliability in vehicles even under severe shock and vibration conditions. The high efficiency allows a performance without forced ventilation. Moreover, the converters work with an ambient temperature range from -40 to +85 °C (acc. to EN50155).

The CVS-280 series provides 280W of continuous power with peaks of 400 Watts.  Input to output isolation is 7kV rms and input to earth 5.3kV rms.

Though it has been designed for the railway sector, its wide input range lends itself to other applications with high voltage DC inputs. There is the option to remove the active catenary filter for applications where it is not necessary, optimizing costs.


High Voltage DC-DC Converter/ Battery Starter



Input: 400 a 1100Vdc
Outputs: 24V, 36V, 72V, 110Vdc
Power: 280W nom, 400W pk
Tamb: -40 a 85°C
Dimensions: 243 x 162 x 64,5mm
Conforms to EN62368 / EN50155



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