Premium PSU breaks into the market of EV chargers with Floox

Floox by Premium PSU
  • Floox will offer alternatives in the design of a more intelligent, sustainable and profitable supply infrastructure for electric vehicles.
  • Driven by Premium PSU, Floox arrives to provide fast and intelligent electric chargers from 30kW to 180kW in DC.

Barcelona, March 31, 2022.- The leading power electronics company Premium PSU has just launched a new brand under which it will provide solutions for electric mobility, Floox by Premium PSU. A brand aimed to designing, developing and manufacturing fast and ultra-fast charging points in direct current for electric vehicles that will release fast and intelligent electric chargers. Floox will provide a wide range of solutions, from 30kW to 180kW with simultaneous charging capacity.

floox by premium ev chargers

From left to right: Powerfloox 30 kW/DC & Ultrafloox 120 kW/DC

Floox by Premium PSU seeks to offer alternatives in the design of a more intelligent, sustainable and profitable supply infrastructure for electric vehicles. Not only for intercity trips but also for long-distance or last-mile trips. According to the CEO of Premium PSU, Jordi Gazo, “it is essential to design an electrical infrastructure that helps us make the electrical transition that we all need. Premium PSU has made a very strong commitment to contribute in this area”.

The new Floox by Premium PSU EV chargers use direct current (DC), providing a much faster charge to the vehicle’s battery than alternating current (AC) charging stations. In AC stations, the onboard charger acts as a bottleneck, limiting the power and charging speed. This makes the current 83% of electric charging points unsuitable for their use on the road or on trips where loading speed is essential. It is estimated that in the coming years the charging points between 30kW and 180kW will be the most demanded in the market and will be installed in public spaces, to allow shorter charging times for electric vehicle users.

Plug to the future

With the introduction of Floox in the market, Premium PSU expects to double its turnover in two years, exceeding 30 million euros in sales. The company was founded in 1981, has a workforce of more than one hundred workers and is one of the 16 most disruptive companies in Catalonia in 2021, according to ACCIÓ’s Catalonia Exponential Leaders initiative.

The FLOOX logo connects the brand with the visual imagery of energy. 

About Premium PSU

With a generational change in its trajectory, in recent years Premium PSU has based its strategy on four pillars: investment in talent, professionalization, innovation to generate value and a customer-focused organization. This vision has allowed it to create the most cutting-edge power electronics solutions with the aim of being permanently prepared to take on the challenges of the future.

Its DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, AC/DC power supplies, and AC/DC UPS from 50W to 60 kW are developed in Barcelona. Thanks to the most advanced tests, Premium PSU can ensure compliance with the strictest quality standards and its applications are present in demanding markets, such as railway, energy and industrial.

With unique know-how, during its four decades of experience, it has created a solid catalog of standard solutions and more than 900 custom designs that allow optimization of costs and shortening of delivery times. Always with robustness and reliability.

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