Custom-made power electronics

The process of the custom-made projects in power electronics [ Infographic ]

In the industry, reliable power supply solutions are critical for safe and efficient operation. Here is where Premium PSU comes in, offering innovation to cover all needs for these markets. Premium PSU has been providing reliable power electronic…
battery charger IP65 for rail in desert
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Railway battery charger with IP65 for desert 

Demanding climatic environments require much more rigorous custom solutions to offer the customer the same reliability as other stable contexts. A factor such as extreme temperature is a stress factor for all components and this is one of the…
Asian Pacific Rail PREMIUM PSU exhibitors

Premium PSU will be attending Asian Pacific Rail 2023

The railway sector is one of our most important markets, where our power electronics are fundamental in many applications: from starting engines from batteries, collecting energy directly from the catenary or maintaining the ventilation system…
What is an semianechoic chamber?

What is a semi-anechoic chamber?

What is an anechoic chamber? An anechoic chamber is a piece of equipment used to test sound or electromagnetic radiation emitted by equipment or systems. It is usually made of a combination of materials, such as tiles and damping foams to absorb…

Solutions at all levels in power conversion electrical energy – [Infographic]

Generation of energy The generation of electrical energy consists of transforming some kind of energy (nuclear, thermal, solar, among others) into electrical energy and is carried out in different stages. Power plants are the first actor in…

Premium PSU’s new launches at Middle East Energy 2023

For over 45 years Middle East Energy has been guiding through the energy transition, exploring advancement in energy products and solutions that will help in in delivering more efficient and effective power systems. This show is one of the most…

Power Electronics: Efficiency for a Sustainable World

How to have a more sustainable world from power electronics? Global electricity demand has grown by almost a third over the last decade, with the rate of electricity consumption increasing faster than the world's population. It is estimated…
power conversion efficiency

How important is Power Conversion Efficiency?

When it comes to power conversion in electronics, efficiency is one of the biggest challenges to become more competitive. As greatest the efficiency, the less energy waste and less warm the product is, which translates into a longer average…
carboon footprint seal of premiumpsu

Premium PSU reinforces its commitment to the environment

At Premium PSU we are proud to continue to be included in the Carbon Footprint register established in Royal Decree 163/2014, thus reinforcing our commitment to the fight against climate change. We are concerned about the society in which…