High Tech Industry

Over 40 years offering reliable power systems that make a difference

The industrial sector is increasingly demanding and when it comes to high technology, the specifications and needs increase the complexity of the final products. With the rising of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), applications are specializing and increasingly require a reliable source of energy to make a difference. In Premium PSU we have been offering solutions worldwide for over 40 years. Our experience allows us to adapt the solution to the different specifications, from electrical, format, communications, refrigeration …

Our product range

Our product range includes converters, inverters, power supplies, UPS, battery chargers, frequency converters, and bidirectional converters from 50W to 72KW. Over 250 models in our standard product catalogue and more than 900 custom made designs where we adjust the product to be the ideal solution for each application.


In addition, all our processes, from design, prototyping, manufacturing and testing, are carried out in Barcelona and we offer a 3-year warranty on the standard product.

Thanks to our know-how we can design from scratch offering competitive delivery times regardless of the size of the project.


Some of the applications in which our products are included are:

  • Automation
  • Process control
  • Instrumentation
  • Security systems
  • Control systems

Our energy conversion solutions offer

  • High efficiency
  • Multiple combinations of inputs and outputs according to needs
  • Wide range of input voltage
  • Multiple outputs
  • High insulation input/output/ground
  • Wide ranges of operating temperature (-40 to +85ºC)
  • Different types of cooling systems: forced ventilation, conduction or natural convection
  • Diagnosis and remote control
  • Multiple formats: chassis mounting, 19 “rack, DIN rail, …
  • Protection up to IP-68
  • Multiple connection options
  • RS-232, ModBus, ProfiBus, CanBus, Ethernet/IP communications
  • Pure sine wave output voltages in inverters
  • Compliance with regulations according to needs

Some of our Customers


Do you need a solution for your application? A new design, a restyling of a current design, new needs?

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