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How powering an autonomous robot?

autonomous robot

Making devices more autonomous is becoming a key factor in making technology smarter, and this is what Les Companions do with their autonomous robot, an innovative assistant for painters that not only paints but also sands and assists professionals in their daily tasks.

Powering an autonomous robot 

Robots that work on-site need to be agile and also keep proportions as small as possible. The challenge to Premium PSU was to provide AC power to a paint pump on an autonomous robot. What started as an everyday request for a single-phase DC/AC inverter, became a project with a new dimension that allowed us to increase the capacity of Premium inverters. This is how we found a robust, compact and reliable system that is now able to move the PACO collaborative robot.

The Challenge

At the time Les Companions contacted Premium, their goal was to find an AC power supply for one of the autonomous robot’s paint pumps. Specifically, this French start-up specialized in the design and development of robotic assistants needed to incorporate a more powerful 1100W paint pump for its new design. In addition, it was looking for a larger inverter, as the previous one was too small for the application. The main constraint facing the R&D engineers at Les Companions was to fit the robot’s small footprint, so they required the most compact, high-density design on the market.


Industrial and Railway 1500VA DC/AC Inverters

Powering the Challenge

To power the challenge Premium PSU proposed to the R&D engineers the ODS-1500 a single-phase DC/AC inverter which offers the narrowest and most compact design, providing the best volume/power ratio in the market. Aside from the compact dimensions, the total weight for the single-phase inverter is only 3.8Kg, making it the best alternative for an autonomous battery-powered robot.

In addition, the ODS-1500 is a certified rolling stock inverter and complies with EN-50155 requirements for shock and vibration: a perfect solution for a robot in motion in terms of reliability and robustness.

For Premium, being able to collaborate with an enthusiastic team and provide the best solution to make a start-up´s project become real is always a great success. Do you want to see how PACO works? Check out this video!

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