Rail & Transportation

Designed to work under demanding conditions

We manufacture robust and highly reliable products that meet the demanding regulations and standards of the transportation and rail sectors offering a long life of the solution.

Efficient and reliable rail solutions

At Premium PSU we have designed and manufactured an extensive range of energy conversion solutions for the transportation market and specifically in railway applications for over 40 years. Our solutions are designed to work under demanding environmental conditions. All our processes, from design to testing and manufacturing, are carried out in Barcelona.

Our know-how allows us to offer solutions that cover very diverse applications within the railway sector. We work with worldwide manufacturers and suppliers of transportation systems since 1985, which places us as a trusted technological partner.

We have a standard range of converters, inverters and power supplies that comply with regulations and we develop custom made products according to the needs of each application regardless of the size of the project. Our knowledge base allows us to develop a product from scratch, reducing costs and delivery times.

We guarantee quality from the design and throughout the manufacturing process with the most advanced testing systems.


Some of the applications, both on rolling stock and on track, where our solutions are currently part or are:

  • Propulsion systems
  • Auxiliary and emergency power supply
  • Battery chargers
  • Low battery starters
  • Engine start
  • ATP and ATO signaling systems
  • HVAC
  • Running lights
  • Control equipment
  • Passenger information systems

Our products offer

  • High efficiency
  • Combinations of inputs and outputs according to needs
  • Wide ranges of input voltage
  • High insulation input/output/ground
  • Wide ranges of operating temperature (-50 to +85ºC)
  • Different cooling systems: forced ventilation, conduction or natural convection
  • Diagnosis and remote control
  • Multiple formats: chassis mounting, 19 “rack, DIN rail, …
  • Up to IP-68 protection
  • Any type of connector combination
  • RS-232, ModBus, ProfiBus, CanBus, Ethernet/IP, TRDP (Train Real Time Data Protocol) communications
  • Pure sinusoidal output voltages in inverters

Railway market standards

Our specific solutions for the railway market comply with standards according to the needs of the application. Some of them are:

  • IEC50155 (Rolling stock electronic equipment)
  • IEC45545 (Fire & Smoke)
  • IEC61373 (Shock & Vibration)
  • IEC60950-1 IEC63268-1 (Safety)
  • IEC50121-3-2, IEC50124-1 (EMC)
  • IEC50163 (Traction supply voltage)
  • RIA 12 surge protection (3.5VN 20ms)
  • RIA 13 and RIA 20 mechanical standards

New Spark Series

As part of the new Spark Series, which includes solutions designed to get power straight from the catenary line, the new OVX-6400 is a 6400VA 3 phase sine wave DC/AC inverter that meets EN612587-1 and EN50155 standards among others. In addition, this new Spark series includes the CVS-280 DC/DC converter with the same main feature, getting power straight from line contact to start the vehicle.

CVS-280 DC/DC Converter
CVS-280 DC/DC Converter
OVX-6400 DC/AC Inverter
6400VA 3ph catenary DC/AC inverter OVX6400

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