At Premium PSU, we have been designing and manufacturing DC/DC converters for the industrial market since 1981. With a wide variety of input/output combinations, our standard DC/DC converters range from 60W to 2kW and can go up to 25kW for custom designs. Our design premises for each DC/DC converter are based on offering high reliability and high efficiency in a compact size. We also have versions of our high power solutions specifically for the railway market, which comply with railway standard EN50155 (shocks and vibrations) and offer a wide operation temperature range. As a result, they ensure a reliable and long life in hostile environments. Our solutions can be found in vehicles such as trams, light rails, subways, locomotives or on-board equipment from all over the world and in applications like HVAC systems, auxiliary and emergency systems, propulsion systems or low battery starters, among others.

Powerful and reliable DC/DC converters

Faced the prospect of acquiring a DC/DC converter – a system capable of transforming the voltage level from one direct current to another voltage level– it is essential to know the features and power offered by each model, since there is not one single type of DC/DC converter. At Premium, we design robust DC/DC converters with input voltages that range from 14,4VDC to 275VDC and with output voltages of 5V, 12V, 16V, 24V, 48V, 72V and 110V  in order to cover the vast majority of application that currently exist on the market, reaching 94% efficiency in series such as the CRS-500 and the CRS-1000. In addition, some models comply with the OT4 class, being able to reach working temperatures up to 85ºC and, making them ideal solutions for the rail sector with series such as the CTS-60, CTS-120 and CTS-240.