Our AC/DC UPS offerings range from compact 100W models to high-power 500W systems capable of supporting the most demanding loads. The expert team at Premium PSU is at your disposal to analyze your specific needs and design a customized solution that perfectly fits your industrial environment.  

Designed to Last:

  • Robust and Reliable Models: Manufactured with high-quality components and adhering to rigorous engineering standards, our AC/DC UPS units are built to last. The devices designed for withstand the harshest environmental conditions and ensure continuous operation for years.
  • Connected to Your Network: Our UPS units integrate various communication protocols for seamless integration into your control and monitoring network. This allows you to access real-time data on the UPS status, configure parameters remotely, and receive early alerts in case of anomalies.
  • Smart for Industry 4.0: Our next-generation AC/DC UPS units incorporate intelligent features that enable them to adapt to the demands of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and smart grids. This way, you can optimize energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and obtain valuable information for strategic decision-making.
  • Scalable for the Future: Our modular architecture allows easy expansion of our AC/DC UPS capacity as your power needs grow, thus protecting your investment and ensuring operational continuity without replacing the entire system.


  • Petrochemical Industry: Maintain safety and efficiency in refineries, petrochemical plants, and other hazardous material handling facilities.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Ensure sensitive equipment and critical processes in laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and pharmaceutical storage.
  • Data Centers: Safeguard the integrity of your data and the availability of your services in data centers and server rooms.
  • Telecommunications Networks: Guarantee uninterrupted operation of your network infrastructure, including cell towers, data centers, and communication nodes.

Why Choose Premium PSU’s AC/DC UPS?

At Premium PSU, protecting your business is our priority. Our highly qualified engineers have an extensive experience designing, implementing, and maintaining uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions for critical industrial applications. Our AC/DC UPS units are manufactured to the highest quality standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and long life. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive technical support program that includes remote assistance, on-site training, and preventive maintenance services to ensure the proper functioning of your AC/DC UPS units throughout their lifecycle.