Floox by Premium PSU
  • Floox will offer alternatives in the design of a more intelligent, sustainable and profitable supply infrastructure for electric vehicles.
  • Driven by Premium PSU, Floox arrives to provide fast and intelligent electric chargers from 30kW to 180kW in DC.

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DC/DC converter and battery starter

What are the key features and railway applications of the new CVS-280 DC/DC low battery voltage starter? This series is designed to operate directly from the 750V DC catenary line and can provide DC outputs from 24V to 110V at 280 Watts continuous power and 400 Watts peak power. Read more

redundancy in DC/AC Inverters

What is redundancy in electrical systems?

The concept of redundancy is simple: having a repeated system so, in case of a single failure, there is always an alternative. AC redundancy usually refers to all extra-high voltage lines available that can operate in case of mainline failures. However, we mean redundancy when we have more devices than the minimum required. Read more