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Railway AC/DC Battery Charger with IP65 for desert

battery charger IP65 for rail in desert

A versatile custom product for our railway customer, available in different IP degrees and with an extended temperature range of -40 to 55/70 ºC.

Parallelizable DC/AC Inverter powering a crane motor


Three parallel units of our standard ODX-6000 model managed to launch the crane safely and efficiently with a key role in a nuclear power plant.

Variable Frequency Drive TDS-3300 in Railway Applications

Variable frequency drive TDS-3300 railway

Premium PSU’s TDS-3300 and TDX-3300 frequency inverters meet the specific power conversion needs of two different railway manufacturers.

Power Electronics Integration to Power HVAC in Turin Trams

We have created a custom DC/AC inverter for the air conditioning system installed on the roof of the new trams in the city of Turin (Italy).