battery charger IP65 for rail in desert

Demanding climatic environments require much more rigorous custom solutions to offer the customer the same reliability as other stable contexts. A factor such as extreme temperature is a stress factor for all components and this is one of the most common challenges at Premium PSU we face.

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Asian Pacific Rail PREMIUM PSU exhibitors

The railway sector is one of our most important markets, where our power electronics are fundamental in many applications: from starting engines from batteries, collecting energy directly from the catenary or maintaining the ventilation system in case of emergency, are just a few examples.

This year, PremiumPSU will be exhibiting at the most important meeting of the Southeast Asian railway industry, Asian Pacific Rail. It takes place in Bangkok, during two days.

Asian Pacific Rail PREMIUM PSU exhibitors

The industry is changing as we move into a new digital era. Asia Pacific Rail will celebrate its 25th anniversary with various themes focused on the evolution of rail transport.

Premium PSU will showcase its DC/AC inverters, DC/DC converters, AC/DC battery chargers and custom-made products according to project needs.

Come and vistit us in Spain exhibition zone, Stand C01.