ThyriStorm Rectifier System - Battery Charger

ThyriStorm Series

Rectifier Cabinet for HV/MV Substation

4.5 & 6.5kW Thyristor Technology

Premium PSU’s ThyriStorm is our latest rectifiers family, an uninterruptible power supply based on a thristor technology, the most reliable and lasting technology due to the robustness of its power elements. These semiconductor devices are aimed to control electric power and current by acting as a switch, bringing a sturdy and free-of-maintenance solution for a wide range of inddustrial environments.

Robust design for industrial environments
Natural convection cooling
Low Maintenance
High input-output isolation
Input voltage adjustable
Full working without batteries
RJ45 & RS-232 standard ports
Remote monitoring with 8 alarms relays
Local settings and monitoring though optional touch pannel

Power generation
SUB Stations: high and medium voltage
Power utility
Control and signaling centers
Minning & Oil

The charger-rectifier cabinet ThyriStorm can operate with or without the battery as long as the electrical grid is present, and brings protection from normal operations as start-up or punctual overlads, to exceptional phenomena as short-circuits or constant overloads.

4.3″ Touch screen with built-in Web Server
NiCd battery electrolyte level alarm
Input current monitoring
Anti-reverse output diode
End of autonomy contactor
Input voltage 277V / 3x480V
Open brakers/fuses detection
Relays module (NO, C or NC)
Molded Case Circuit Breakers + auxiliary contact