Application Notes

Custom-made power electronics

The process of the custom-made projects in power electronics [ Infographic ]

In the industry, reliable power supply solutions are critical for safe and efficient operation. Here is where Premium PSU comes in, offering innovation to cover all needs for these markets. Premium PSU has been providing reliable power electronic…
What is an semianechoic chamber?

What is a semi-anechoic chamber?

What is an anechoic chamber? An anechoic chamber is a piece of equipment used to test sound or electromagnetic radiation emitted by equipment or systems. It is usually made of a combination of materials, such as tiles and damping foams to absorb…

Power Electronics: Efficiency for a Sustainable World

How to have a more sustainable world from power electronics? Global electricity demand has grown by almost a third over the last decade, with the rate of electricity consumption increasing faster than the world's population. It is estimated…
power conversion efficiency

How important is Power Conversion Efficiency?

When it comes to power conversion in electronics, efficiency is one of the biggest challenges to become more competitive. As greatest the efficiency, the less energy waste and less warm the product is, which translates into a longer average…
acb3000 2 miliseconds switching when one line fails

ACB-3000, 2 milliseconds switching when one line fails

Find out in this article the performance of Premium PSU's ACB-3000 redundancy static transfer switch. We have recently carried out tests on the ACB-3000 that prove that the device switches in less than 2 milliseconds from one input to the other in an error situation.
Control Loop Stability Measurement

Control loop stability measurement in PSU

What is control loops in SMPS? Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) use control loops to ensure that the working point is obtained with the minimum steady state error and fast transient response. To achieve these objectives, a strong control…
What is EN50155 for railway applications?

What is EN50155 for railway applications?

This article intends to resume the most important requirements that apply for power supply devices when considered as a component in railway  applications. Although there are several standards to take into consideration when installing electronic…
RS-232 monitoring for inverters

Guide: RS-232 monitoring for inverters

RS-232 configuration and parameter monitoring guide for DC/AC inverters At Premium PSU, we work with a wide range of communication protocols in order to cover different needs of our customers and improve the lifetime of our solutions. Check…
parallel connection dc ac inverter

DC/AC Inverters: Parallel connection

A power inverter is plugged into a power source such as a battery to convert direct current to alternating current. Nowadays, more and more distributed generation and renewable energy sources are connected to the public grid via power…

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