Application Notes

What is an semianechoic chamber?

What is a semi-anechoic chamber?

What is an anechoic chamber? An anechoic chamber is a piece of equipment used to test sound or electromagnetic radiation emitted by equipment or systems. It is usually made of a combination of materials, such as tiles and damping foams to absorb…
RS-232 monitoring for inverters

Guide: RS-232 monitoring for inverters

RS-232 configuration and parameter monitoring guide for DC/AC inverters At Premium PSU, we work with a wide range of communication protocols in order to cover different needs of our customers and improve the lifetime of our solutions. Check…
parallel connection dc ac inverter

DC/AC Inverters: Parallel connection

A power inverter is plugged into a power source such as a battery to convert direct current to alternating current. Nowadays, more and more distributed generation and renewable energy sources are connected to the public grid via power…

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