DC/AC High-Density inverters

At Premium, we carry the widest and most compact DC/AC inverters range available on the market. All models have been designed for applications that require alternating current where only direct current is available. Our standard pure sine wave output DC/AC product catalogue ranges from 260VA to 30kVA with internal fan for a compact size solution, while keeping weight low and high reliability. We carry 1 phase and 3 phase inverters in multiple input-output combinations and all models comply with the EN50155 rolling-stock standard.

Our inverters can be found in industrial automation, railway, extreme environments such as marine or defense applications, telecom, or utility applications. Depending on the model, efficiency can be as high as 94% and we have carried out custom made projects where the inverter can provide up to 40kVA. We also offer the possibility to make variations on the standard product to fit the needs of each project.