Guide: RS-232 monitoring for inverters

RS-232 monitoring for inverters

RS-232 configuration and parameter monitoring guide for DC/AC inverters

At Premium PSU, we work with a wide range of communication protocols in order to cover different needs of our customers and improve the lifetime of our solutions. Check this video to guide you in the configuration and parameter monitoring via RS-232 of Premium PSU’s 3ph DC/AC inverters. We used the ODX-3000with 24Vdc Input as an example. 

Note: we recommend you to download and install a serial port software like Tera Term or Putty.

If you want to get more info about communication data, download our newest Whitepaper POWERING YOUR DATA.

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You can find more standard three-phase DC/AC inverters with a wide range of input-output combinations, going from 260VA to 24kVA.