Introducing GaN technology in Premium PSU

GaN technology

Designing increasingly perfect energy solutions is our priority. Gallium nitride or GaN technology allows operation at much higher voltages, frequencies and temperatures than conventional silicon. This allows achieving increasingly compact and powerful systems.

What is the GaN technology?

Power electronics engineers continually search for the perfect switch, the one that will convert the flow of electrical energy into controlled and efficient energy. In this process, the search for faster switches, that allow switching without loss of time, block power losses and offer maximum performance is an essential task for Premium PSU.

In our new #PremiumTech e-book, Jordi Salvadó, HW Engineering Manager, shows us the behavior of this technology and what are the advantages over silicon MOSFETs.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) is an inorganic chemical compound of gallium and nitrogen that has a hexagonal crystalline structure of high hardness and mechanical stability. It is a semiconductor material with a 3.4eV bandgap, three times that of silicon, which is why it is considered a wide bandgap material or semiconductor (WBG). WBG allows operation at much higher voltages, frequencies and temperatures than conventional silicon. This translates into smaller inductors, capacitors and heatsinks, the possible elimination of fans and the conversion from liquid to air cooling in a switched power converter.

Discover how we work at Premium to achieve equipment with new topologies that incorporate GaN devices, always with the aim of launching increasingly efficient systems with higher power density at the lowest possible cost.

After downloading this e-book you will have a complete overview of:

  • What is the role of power electronics engineers and how do we work at Premium to find the perfect solution
  • What is the difference between GaN technology and silicon
  • Which applications is GaN technology integrated
  • How to achieve maximum performance and efficiency using GaN technology
  • And what is the role of Premium’s RDI department in achieving energy performance through this technology


GaN technology in our power supplies

Premium’s RDI department is working on updating equipment already designed to apply GaN technology, starting with the EDS-500 battery charger and the new bridgeless PFC totem pole topology, which will allow us to increase the power density and reach 1kW, duplicating the power of the battery charger. In addition, the rest of UPSs will follow along with GaN technology application in resonant LLC and H-bridge topologies. With this, we will be able to launch increasingly efficient devices with high power densities and lower costs.