Tech Tips: The output voltage waveform

output voltage waveform

How does the waveform of a DC/AC inverter affect its performance?

We tell you all about it in this white paper, the first of a series of Inverter Tips we are releasing.

Inverters that provide AC alternating energy have become popular in multiple applications. These offer versatiliy, supply security and efficiency in both, singe and three-phased power supplies.

The output of a DC/AC inverter can have several types of waveforms and the topology and transistor technology used have a lot to do with the output voltage frequency regulation capability and the output voltage waveform itself, which directly affects the integration result with the final application.

inverter dc/ac tips waveform


What type of waveform gives a better result?

Modified sinewave, SPWM, or pure sinusoidal output inverters are some of the different options available in the market.

At Premium, we design inverters to provide pure sinusoidal output voltage for a better perfomance in industrial environments. You can learn about the differences downloading this white paper.