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Power solutions that work under extreme temperature conditions

power solutions for extreme conditions
At Premium PSU, we develop and manufacture power supplies for all kinds of applications and every project is a challenge for us. Sending one of our products to the stratosphere at 32.000 meters and -57ºC confirms the high reliability of our energy conversion systems.  

The Challenge

Airbus wanted to test a secure network airborne for a communications project and needed a sinewave inverter to give power to the whole 4G/5G application.

High power Industrial and Railway 450‑750W DC/AC Inverters

The demonstration was made with a high-altitude balloon to test Airbus’ Zephyr, which will be able to create persistent and secure communication cells to relay information on a variety of different aircraft platforms, which include helicopters, tactical UAVs and other aerial vehicles.     

Powering The Challenge

Sending an application to over 32Kms distance into the stratosphere also means reaching very low temperatures (which were recorded at -57ºC / -70 ºF). After evaluating the needs of the project, we decided to include our ODS-750-7273B, a compact 750VA sinusoidal DC/AC inverter capable of delivering instantaneous power peaks from our standard product line. 

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