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Feeding an AGV industrial robot with a 3ph inverter 

Three-phase inverter robotics
Industrial robots are widely used in industrial automation environments and need to be powered by 3-phase 3x400Vac industrial voltage. This is not a problem when using devices in static locations, however, this changes when the customer decides to mount them on an AGV (Automatic Electric Vehicle designed to be used in smart industrial environments). 

The Challenge

Our customer, a state-of-the-art AGVs manufacturer, powered high capacity lithium batteries (48Vdc nominal voltage), decided to launch a new onboard arm robot. The challenge was to be able to deliver the industrial voltage 3x400Vac to the robot that mounts the AGV with the necessary power starting with the 48Vdc of the batteries. Our customer´s biggest concern was if our ODX-3000 inverter would be able to withstand the current peaks that the robot needed when making the most demanding movements in terms of power.

Powering the Challenge


We decided to go to our customer´s facilities along with one of our R&D engineers. We took a standard ODX-3000 inverter (48Vdc input and 3x400Vac output model) and made sure to go with the necessary measuring equipment (oscilloscope, probes voltage, current probes, USB-RS232 cable, PC, …) to do the test and record all data.   

Industrial and Railway 3ph 3000VA DC/AC Inverters

ODX-3000: 3ph 3000VA DC/AC

Along with the customer, we got all equipment ready and fed the robot from the lithium batteries through our inverter. We were able to monitor and save the input, output and output current through a software included in our inverters. We also took several oscilloscope captures that checked the detail of the robot´s load profile at greatest load times. 

inverters sofware

We finally concluded that our ODX-3000 covered the power demands of the robot arm and our customer ended up approving our power conversion solution for his application. Do you want to see the inverter in action? Check out the video!

Find all technical specs of the ODX-3000 DC/AC inverter.

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