Premium PSU reinforces its commitment to the environment

carboon footprint seal of premiumpsu

At Premium PSU we are proud to continue to be included in the Carbon Footprint register established in Royal Decree 163/2014, thus reinforcing our commitment to the fight against climate change.

We are concerned about the society in which we live and being sustainable is one of our main objectives, which is why we have been working since 2018 with a focus on environmental awareness and sustainability, including measures and action plans to control and reduce the C02 emissions generated in our design and manufacturing processes. This is guaranteed by our ISO 14001 certification since 2019 and the Environmental Seal awarded by the Climate Change Office (OCC) of the Ministry for Ecological Transition (METECO) in 2020.

seal carbon footprint premiumpsu

What is a carbon footprint?

The organisation’s carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted directly or indirectly through the activity carried out by that organisation.


The carbon footprint generated by each emission source is the product of the consumption data (activity data) and the corresponding emission factor:

Carbon footprint = Activity data x Emission factor

What does it mean?

When an organisation registers, it receives a certificate and the right to use a seal. This seal makes it possible to distinguish at a glance.

The organisation’s level of participation in the register: whether it calculates its footprint, has managed to reduce its footprint, or has offset all or part of its footprint.

The year to which this level of participation corresponds

The Royal Decree creating the register establishes that organisations registered in the carbon footprint and reduction and/or offsetting commitments section may use a seal. This seal is registered and owned by the current Ministry for Ecological Transition.

The label has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it makes it easier for organisations to demonstrate their participation in the register and, on the other hand, it allows them to reflect the degree of effort they have made in the fight against climate change. In this sense, it has been considered appropriate to distinguish between those organisations that calculate their carbon footprint and are on the path to reducing their emissions, and those that are already reducing and/or offsetting. The label therefore makes it possible to identify, for a defined period (which will be annual), three levels of participation: calculation of the carbon footprint, its reduction and/or offsetting.

The relationship between the different sections of the registry and the possibilities offered by the label is briefly explained below. The registry consists of three sections:

  1. – Carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments section.
  2. – CO2 absorption projects section
  3. – Carbon footprint offsetting section

The organisation with this label has registered in the “carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments” section of the registry. It has calculated its carbon footprint (at least scope 1+2) for the year 2021, and has defined reduction commitments. The calculations have been validated by MAGRAMA.