power electronics for aeronautics
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Design variation to provide energy in aeronautics

In aeronautics, it is essential to provide energy solutions that combine power and lightness in order to ensure the correct and constant power supply to all the electronic components of the system. At Premium PSU we don’t settle for approximate…

Agreement for Development of Renewable H2 Technologies

Today's society is facing an unprecedented environmental challenge. Now more than ever, participation between companies and public institutions to achieve sustainable goals is decisive. Premium PSU has joined the Metropolitan Agreement for the…
micro-mobility converter DC/DC
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A versatile DC/DC converter for more efficient micro-mobility

At Premium PSU, we have recently helped to promote an innovative micro-mobility project to charge electric bicycles. Do you want to know how? Promoting sustainable mobility is a priority and a challenge for the smart cities of tomorrow.  To…
GaN technology

Introducing GaN technology in Premium PSU

Designing increasingly perfect energy solutions is our priority. Gallium nitride or GaN technology allows operation at much higher voltages, frequencies and temperatures than conventional silicon. This allows achieving increasingly compact and…

How using SiC MOSFETs allow us to create State-of-the-Art power solutions

In our new #PremiumTech series today we show you the advantages of using SiC MOSFETs in power design, what challenges it entails and how it is crucial if we seek to maximize efficiency. SiC technology allows us to achieve very high levels of…
autonomous robot
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How powering an autonomous robot?

Making devices more autonomous is becoming a key factor in making technology smarter, and this is what Les Companions do with their autonomous robot, an innovative assistant for painters that not only paints but also sands and assists professionals…
H2 fuel cells
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Powering H2 fuel cells – Defining the future of energy generation

Due to its many advantages, among which zero emissions stand out, the fuel cell is beginning to position itself as an alternative for the generation of sustainable energy. In this process, power conversion systems are essential to shape new…
power electronics

BCN eMotorsport: high speed and power electronics

At Premium PSU, we love vertigo and high-speed racing. But above all, we are passionate about the technology that drives the vehicles roaring around the track. This passion for top-level technology has led us to become a Gold sponsor of BCN…
A new whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of electromagnetic interferences (EMI)

A comprehensive overview of ElectroMagnetic Interferences

In our latest whitepaper, we provide a comprehensive overview of the elements that cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) and details which are the most innovative technical solutions to reduce emissions. For Premium PSU, processing…