Variable frequency drives (VFD) allow us to control and regulate the AC rotational motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage are usually placed between the power supply and the motor. Electric motors are present in thousands of applications and allow the operation of electrical appliances, fans, pumps, machines, etc. These motors need electrical energy to operate and provide speed to the elements where they are installed. This means that the AC motors will run at the right speed according to demand. In addition to saving energy, the VFD (known as frequency converter as well) also helps to reduce maintenance costs and noise emissions. At Premium PSU, we are aware of the needs of the railway sector and have been developing AC/AC variable frequency drives as custom developments for top-notch train manufacturers. However, our solutions also have a place in industrial automation systems and highly demanding environments for motor control. As part of our quality commitment and due to the versatility of our products, at Premium PSU we always adapt our devices to the necessary regulations for their proper and safe use in any field. As the demand for AC/AC VFD for HVAC applications increases, we are currently working on a standardized solution that meets the needs of rolling stock applications, which will be available in the upcoming months.  Nevertheless, our know-how allows for a quick development of custom solutions.