Powering Your Data

Powering Your Data

At Premium PSU we combine top notch hardware with the best software support that fits our customer’s needs. But, which is the best protocol for each application? We are proud to be a power conversion systems supplier that investigates, develops, and invests on product improvement through new technologies based on Industry 4.0, which does not only represent a competitive advantage to our devices, but also adds value to our customer’s final products, making a real impact on the market and final users.  

Microcontrollers offer versality in programming and configuration of all our devices, allowing more complex algorithms for failure detection to be configurable and modified through a communication protocol. At Premium PSU, we work with a wide range of communication protocols in order to cover different needs and improve the lifetime of our solutions while enabling predictive maintenance to detect and correct potential failures:

  • Custom protocols over RS232
  • Modbus
  • CANopen
  • HTTP
  • SNMP

Find all about these protocols in this whitepaper.

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