AC Master Series

10kW AC/DC Variable Frequency Drive

Special design for railway

Introducing the VDX-10k, the advanced three-phase sine-wave AC/AC variable frequency drive designed to optimize railway motor control applications. With a range of powerful functionalities, this unit provides unparalleled control and protection.

The VDX-10K offers a smooth and controlled start-up of motors through a customizable soft start mechanism. During start-up, the output voltage gradually increases from 0V to the desired level, accompanied by a linear frequency transition. The start-up ramp slope can be conveniently configured via RS-232 or CAN Bus interfaces, allowing for precise control over motor acceleration.

Sine wave output voltage
Suitable for motors control
Adjustable output frequency
Adjustable output voltage
Remote ON/OFF opto-coupled
Alarm by isolated relay contacts
Configurable input: Reverse or Mid power
Remote control via RS232 or CAN Bus
Railway according to EN50155
Fire and smoke: EN45545-2


Fire and smoke EN45545-2

Railway according to EN50155